What Is Your Wedding Coordinator Worth?

I rarely complain about my career, because I do love it so much, but know that it comes with ups and downs, like any job.
Today I have to call out this bride who would like a wedding coordinator to “help run the day smoothly” for under $500….the day also happens to be Christmas Eve…..she estimates the coordinator needs to be there for 8 hours and she will pay $50 per hour. While you may be thinking “$50 per hour is nothing to sneeze at” here is what really goes into planning a wedding for a “day of” coordinator by the hours and why 8 hours is completely unrealistic: 
  • Initial Consultation: 1 hour
  • Proposal and Contract negotiation: 1 hour
  • Pre-Wedding Communication:  based on an average of 198 emails per “month of planning” client at 3 minutes per email: 9.9 hours
  • Download Meeting (final meeting with the couple to go over the day and begin timeline): 2 hours
  • Timeline Creation: 3 hours
  • Vendor Communication pre-wedding (not including emails): 1 hour
  • Wedding Rehearsal: 1 hour
  • Wedding Day Lead Coordinator: 12 hours (average time spent on site from set up to break down)
  • Wedding Day Assistant Coordinator: 8 hours

Total: 29.9 Hours or $35.11 per hour based on Betty Blue Event’s Month Of Package 

So at this point you may be thinking “well I don’t need all of that, I only need someone to set up and then make sure I walk down the aisle at 5:00″ While this may be all you think you need, this is the easiest part of my job. The hard part is the 10+ hours before the big day. The hard part is making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there (ever heard the phrase”herding cats”?) for example, making sure your new husband isn’t in the restroom when the DJ announces it is time for the first dance, leaving you in the middle of an empty dance floor, alone, while everyone you know stares at you. Can you say “awkward”.

What about at the end of the night? When your friends and family are tired, and slightly (or not so slightly) inebriated, now not only do they get to clean and box up every little item from your wedding, but they also have to wait around for every vendor to pack up their items….including the rental company….who has to pack up every table, chair, and fork, because you only hired a coordinator for a limited number of hours. There are very few things I wouldn’t rather do than bubble wrap vases and photos after I’ve just spent a great evening eating, drinking, and dancing. I don’t want anyone who received an invitation to your wedding to have to work!

What it comes down to is that weddings are a lot of hard work (ask anyone who’s ever had one!) My goal for every wedding is for the newlyweds and their families to enjoy all of that hard work and just get to have fun! What do you think that is worth?


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What’s Hot for 2016: Top Wedding Trends – 

2015 was a groundbreaking year in weddings—from the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage to the nuptials of such celebs as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, and many more. We are looking forward to seeing what’s to come in 2016—and want to share some of our picks for the top wedding trends for the New Year!

Source: What’s Hot for 2016: Top Wedding Trends – WeddingWireEDU Blog

GIF Booths

Of course, we all love photo booths at weddings—it’s a fun activity for guests and provides a personalized favor. GIF Booths are an extension of that—creating short moving clips for guests to share on social media.

Flowers and Greenery Hanging from Ceilings and Covering Walls

Photo by The Big Affair

Floral creations aren’t just for reception tables anymore! We’re seeing floral arrangements in unique places—including hanging from venue ceilings and covering walls to create a memorable photo backdrop (remember thefamous photo from Kim and Kanye’s wedding?).


High Ballerina Buns

While many brides are still loving the loose, romantic look, we’re also seeing more and more brides wearing their hair in more structured ballerina-inspired updos. We love how this style keeps the hair out of the face all night long!


Of course, we love any sweet treat, but we think doughnuts will be the dessert of the moment in 2016.

Doughnuts at weddings in 2016

Photo by Joie De Vivre Photography

Expanding Social Media Presence

2015 was the year of the wedding hashtag, with couples asking their guests to use a special hashtag when sharing wedding photos on social media. In 2016, we predict social media expanding even further with couples and guests using Snapchat and Periscope to document the day.

Retro-Inspired Groom’s Looks

This year, we saw the rise of the cobalt blue tuxedo. We think that in 2016, grooms will think outside the box even more by wearing attire in shades like burgundy or plum.

Textured Buttercream Frosting

We’ll be seeing a lot of white wedding cakes in 2016—but what makes these cakes unique are how bakers are creating interesting patterns and textures with buttercream.

Textured buttercream frosting at weddings in 2016

Photo by Amber Hatley Photography

Copper (yes, again)

We know, we know—we said the same thing last year! But we are still seeing so many weddings with gold or copper palettes that we don’t think this metallic will fade away in the New Year. Expect to see some of Pantone’s Colors of the Year—Rose Quartz and Serenity—mixed in, but we still think copper is king.

Drone Photography and Videography

More and more photographers and videographers are using drones to capture aerial footage of weddings. Look for this to grow even more in the New Year.

Foil-Stamped Invitations

This metallic look stems from the gold/copper trend. It’s a festive and fun style for stationery.

Foil-stamped invitations for weddings in 2016

Photo by Megan Clouse Photography

Indie First Dance Songs

“All of Me” by John Legend and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran were tops in 2015, but we think couples will eschew Top 40 hits for more indie tunes this year.


Wedding bouquets are still going heavy on the greenery—specifically beautiful seeded eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus bouquets for weddings in 2016

From left: Photo by Kismet Visuals & Co. Photography & Design; Photo by Vitalic Photo

Cocktail-Appetizer Pairings

Tacos and tequila, hot dogs and beer—providing sips and bites together create a unique culinary experience for cocktail hour.

Dresses with Removable Skirts

A look inspired by Sofia Vergara’s Zuhair Murad wedding gown, which paired a grand overskirt with a more form-fitting silhouette underneath.

Dresses with removable skirts for weddings in 2016

Dress by Sottero & Midgley

Illusion Bodices

Sheer bodices adorned with lace or beading were all over the Bridal Market runways and we expect to see these on brides in 2016. Check out more wedding dress trends here »

Bridesmaids in Separates

We’ve been seeing more and more bridal parties clad in tops and skirts rather than dresses. It’s a modern look that allows for even more creativity and versatility.

The Word “LOVE”

Sure, it’s pretty literal—but couples love to creatively feature their word “love” at their weddings. From signage to marquee lights and more, we have to admit, we love “love” too!

The word "LOVE" for weddings in 2016

Photo by Laura Ivanova Photography

Honeymoons in Hawaii, Thailand and South America

We asked wedding travel experts to share their picks for the top honeymoon destinations for the New Year—andthey all sound pretty dreamy.


Source: What’s Hot for 2016: Top Wedding Trends – WeddingWireEDU Blog


::Top Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Destinations::

Either you or your best friend is getting married! What better way to celebrate than to book a vacation and drink pina coladas in the sun or romp around the city?!  Betty Blue Events has put together a few of our favorite of the most colorful and exciting bachelor/bachelorette destinations anyone could ask for!

1. Palm Springs, California: Between golfing for the men and the sunbathing for the women, this gorgeous destination has it all. Enjoy the sunny weather with drinks by the pool or the fabulous shopping. Palm Springs’ colorful environment will keep all ages entertained!

Palm Springs    palm springs 2

2. San Francisco, California: This trendy city has not only the best eats, but the best bars and night life. From chocolate tasting at Ghiradelli Square to biking along the bay bridge, this city is in constant movement.

San Fran  sf3


3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: I think these pictures say it all. White sand beaches and luxurious beach resorts are just what the doctor ordered during the wedding planning process! Enjoy great Mexican food and beautiful ocean views with your bridal party to get the wedding festivities started.

cabo 2  cab


4. Las Vegas, Nevada: Go big or go home right?! This up-all-night party until the sun comes up destination should be left for the professionals. Enjoy crazy clubs and dancing till all hours of the night. Just remember- what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas! 😉

las vegas 1




5. New York City, New York: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of is just about right! This stunning city has incredible views, Broadway shows, and the best people watching!  Not to mention the night life as well. What bridal party wouldn’t want to explore what this city has to offer?

ny 1

Wedding Reception Outfit Change Making A Comeback For 2015

In 2015, the more out-of the-box, the better! Your wedding day is a BIG day. A day full of love, family and friends, dancing, champagne toasts, and now.. making a comeback- changing outfits for the reception. Why have one dress (or jumpsuit) when you can have two?

Remember Olivia Palermo’s chic shorts with a tulle overlay and Solange Knowles’ jumpsuit? Pretty bold.

Olivia-Palermo solange knowle's

Whether it be a stylish and chic Madonna suit(Betty Blue’s Kellene pictured below at her own wedding), or a fun and trendy short dress to get down all night, this idea is sure gaining a lot of popularity! Brides can now have an elegant gown for the ceremony and a sleek jumpsuit or short or feathery minidress for the reception.

end of night kiss

Here are a look at some of our favorites!



dress #1

blog dress 2

bg 2

blog dress 3


5 Wedding Details Your Guests Won’t Notice At All (So Skip ‘Em!) 

Did you know that Betty Blue Event’s tagline is “Wedding Planning For Budget Savvy Brides”? This post from Huffington Post Weddings perfectly sums up what we’re all about, prioritizing your budget in ways you and your guests will appreciate (and you know, notice). The #1 thing I tell prospective client’s in our consultations is “I’m never going to pick flowers over food and booze” (did I mention one of our core values is honesty?) So if having a memorable, enjoyable wedding is the most important thing to you, read on for some tips on how you can prioritize your budget.

When you’re a bride, it can be easy to get caught up into thinking that every single detail of your wedding has to be perfect. In reality though, no matter how much money you throw down on top-shelf liquor or how many hours you spend stressing out over favors, there are just some things that simply aren’t worth it because your guests won’t notice or remember them in the long run.

1. China

Let’s face it, the chances of your guests being completely blown away by your plates and glasses is pretty much slim to none. So, go with the basics. “While china with silver and gold rims can be quite elegant, at the end of the day, many guests don’t notice it in dim lighting and with plated meals,” points out Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions.

2. Favors

Unless you can eat them, no one really cares to get something with your new monogram or photo on it, warns Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events. Think about it: if you received this at someone else’s wedding, what would you do with it when you got home? “More than likely, your planner will be boxing up all the ones left behind at the end of the night.”

See more: Cute Ways to Keep Your Guests Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

3. A Full Premium Bar

Asking your guests to pay for beverages at your wedding is like charging admission for the bathrooms; it’s basically a violation of human rights. However, providing a fully stocked bar with tens of alcohols and mixes is not necessarily a must. “If you prefer one [particular] spirit,” says event designer Veronica Cole, “Then feel free to spurge for an upgrade for that particular spirit.” For instance, if you love vodka-based drinks, go for Gray Goose, but nix the other alcohols, or at least go cheaper on the others.

4. Luxe Table Linens

If you’re looking for a place to save, start with your table linens. “Since the table is covered in plates, silverware, glassware and centerpieces, the linens become something guests won’t notice,” explains Stefany Allongo, founder and chief consultant of The Majestic Vision: Wedding and Event Planning Services. Make the flowers the focal point instead.

5. Exotic Or Out Of Season Flowers

Filling a centerpiece with coral peonies in December is just like setting your money on fire, cautions Domino. “There are alternatives that will look close enough and be a fraction of the cost. Ask your florist for substitutes if your proposal comes in above budget.”

via 5 Wedding Details Your Guests Won’t Notice At All (So Skip ‘Em!) | BRIDES.

Amy and Geri’s Halloween Wedding at the Coronado Community Center

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