I’ve never been much of a blogger….

….But I think the San Diego wedding market is seriously lacking in resources for brides who are planning on a budget. By budget I don’t mean anyone looking to spend just slightly less than San Diego’s average wedding cost of $37,500. I mean weddings for $10,000 and under. Is it difficult? Absolutely Will you have to compromise? Probably. Will it be worth it when you are happily married and without massive debt? Undoubtedly.
My penny pinching days started when I was in elementary school. My mother’s incredibly honorable job as a school teacher paid the bills and left very little for the wants of a self proclaimed princess. I realized early on if I wanted something I was going to have to work to get it. So work I did, as a baby sitter, every chance I got. But imagine my surprise to discover the Limited Too backpacks were still far out of my reach! I was very lucky to have a resourceful mom who wasn’t easily deterred, so we headed for Ross, where I found a Limited Too backpack in perfect condition, just “last year’s model”.
I want to clarify one very important thing, I am NOT crafty! I cannot make paper mache anything. I think bouquets are best made by florists, and I hate to cook. Please know that if/when I post a DIY project it is easy…and by easy I mean I have done it, and it passed my incredibly low tolerance for crafting time test. You most likely own all of the materials, or can buy them from a hardware store, not the specialty store no one has ever heard of but we all assume it is fantastic.


I welcome all budgeting ideas and tips! I hope that you can learn something from this blog to use in your own wedding!