Super Easy DIY from ZGallerie candle holders

Ok, I promised I’d never post a DIY unless it is super easy, and requires almost no skill (that’s what etsy is for!) but I recently turned ZGallerie candle holders into tall floral centerpieces that were easy and didn’t take much time at all, and my number one requirement, you probably already have any tools needed to finish.

centerpieces from candle holders


  • Tall candle holders  (Make sure these are tall enough that people will be able to talk through them, in any centerpiece you either want it to be low enough to talk over, or tall enough to talk under) I used wood, and felt that they would be the best bet since I could drill into them, rather than rely on glue alone.
  • Drill (mine was like $30 and I use it all the time, so much easier than a screwdriver!)
  • Screws (I don’t know, short-ish maybe an inch long?
  • 1’x1′ Wooden base (they will cut it to size at home depot for you, use the cheapest wood you can find, you’re going to cover it)
  • Sheet moss (bought at Michaels , don’t ever shop there without checking for a coupon on their site first!)
  • Hot glue gun (to glue moss)
  • Plastic saucers (the kind you put under pots to keep water from dripping) size will depend on how big your floral arrangement will be, mine were 5″ diameter


  • Start by marking your wood base where the screws will go (hint, rub pencil on the feet of the candle holder and press down, it will mark the location for you)
  • Drill screws all the way through the board (they need to be long enough to go through the board and into the feet of the candle holder)
  • Turn the candle holder upside down and line up screws with feet, drill into each.
  • Ok, the hard part’s done!
  • I glued sheet moss to my boards to cover them. You could paint, use fabric, I don’t know, if you’re more crafty than myself let me know your thoughts!
  • Swirl hot glue all over the board
  • Push (carefully, I burned myself a few times) the moss onto the board, you can use small chunks in between the feet.
  • Hot glue the saucer onto the top of the candle holder (where the candle would go) you’ll need a lot of glue, don’t worry that it doesn’t look pretty, it will be covered with flowers.
  • Give them to your florist to make magical! I firmly believe flowers are better left to the pros!

Here is a photo of the finished product at the wedding, she also covered the bases with a carpet of rose petals, so gorgeous!

Tall CenterpiecesI really love using a mix of tall and low centerpieces to add visual interest to a room. It also is a great budget saving trick to only do high (and usually more expensive) centerpieces on half the tables, and low more simple on the other half. Half the cost, twice the impact!