What Is Your Wedding Coordinator Worth?

I rarely complain about my career, because I do love it so much, but know that it comes with ups and downs, like any job.
Today I have to call out this bride who would like a wedding coordinator to “help run the day smoothly” for under $500….the day also happens to be Christmas Eve…..she estimates the coordinator needs to be there for 8 hours and she will pay $50 per hour. While you may be thinking “$50 per hour is nothing to sneeze at” here is what really goes into planning a wedding for a “day of” coordinator by the hours and why 8 hours is completely unrealistic: 
  • Initial Consultation: 1 hour
  • Proposal and Contract negotiation: 1 hour
  • Pre-Wedding Communication:  based on an average of 198 emails per “month of planning” client at 3 minutes per email: 9.9 hours
  • Download Meeting (final meeting with the couple to go over the day and begin timeline): 2 hours
  • Timeline Creation: 3 hours
  • Vendor Communication pre-wedding (not including emails): 1 hour
  • Wedding Rehearsal: 1 hour
  • Wedding Day Lead Coordinator: 12 hours (average time spent on site from set up to break down)
  • Wedding Day Assistant Coordinator: 8 hours

Total: 29.9 Hours or $35.11 per hour based on Betty Blue Event’s Month Of Package 

So at this point you may be thinking “well I don’t need all of that, I only need someone to set up and then make sure I walk down the aisle at 5:00″ While this may be all you think you need, this is the easiest part of my job. The hard part is the 10+ hours before the big day. The hard part is making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there (ever heard the phrase”herding cats”?) for example, making sure your new husband isn’t in the restroom when the DJ announces it is time for the first dance, leaving you in the middle of an empty dance floor, alone, while everyone you know stares at you. Can you say “awkward”.

What about at the end of the night? When your friends and family are tired, and slightly (or not so slightly) inebriated, now not only do they get to clean and box up every little item from your wedding, but they also have to wait around for every vendor to pack up their items….including the rental company….who has to pack up every table, chair, and fork, because you only hired a coordinator for a limited number of hours. There are very few things I wouldn’t rather do than bubble wrap vases and photos after I’ve just spent a great evening eating, drinking, and dancing. I don’t want anyone who received an invitation to your wedding to have to work!

What it comes down to is that weddings are a lot of hard work (ask anyone who’s ever had one!) My goal for every wedding is for the newlyweds and their families to enjoy all of that hard work and just get to have fun! What do you think that is worth?


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